The Lici exposure meter is a Dutch made meter made by Lici (Lichtmeteing Industrie). De company was founded by Harmen Broersma who studied electronics at the technical University at Delft. Ir. H. Broersma was also a photo enthusiast en interested in the CdS photocell technique. The first meter was build on a breadboard and with this product he went to Philip van meeuwen who was a graphic designer. Together they developed a meter intended to be strapped on the wrist to keep the hands free for taking pictures. The company was founded at august the first 1967. March 1968 the production finally started. The first 500 meters were made by hand. There was also interest for the meter in Germany and Denmark and export followed. Slowly the sales came to a standstill because most of the camera's made these days were already equipped with a meter. About April 1969 the production ceased and this was the end of the wrist exposure meter

In 1969 Harmen Broersma developed a computer designed for use in the darkroom the 'Photometric Exposure Computer' but this project not really succeeded. He did not end the company, but after a research of about  years of research, the Lici Colorstar was born in 1979. More about this in the darkroom section.

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  Manufacturer: Lici
Type: ?
Sensor: CdS
Year: 1968
Type of measurement: reflected
Sensitivity: DIN / 1600 ASA
Aperture :1.4 - 64
Exposure time :1/2000 - 30S

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