Lifa, lichtfilterfabrik

Lifa Lichtfilterfabrik GmbH, Augsburg.

Lifa is the oldest light filter factory in the world. The company was founded in 1909 by Konrad Sill. In 1916 the new owner of the Lifa is Alois Schaefer and in 1919 another owner, Max Kellner. In 1934 the company was located at the Maximiliansplatz B35. Max Kellner had two sons, Oskar Kellner and Hugo Maria Kellner. Oskar was responsible for the management of the company and Hugo Maria founded his own company in Friedberg close to Augsburg. July 30th 1937 Oskar Kellner renamed the company to "Lifa, Lichtfilterfabrik inh. Oskar Kellner" (inh. is German Inhaber and means owner). From 1928 the filters were made  from colored glass and as 'Recticolor" filter in high numbers produced. Another product were the "Omnicolor" filter. About 1933 more than 2000 different types of filters were produced.

A number of productnames were registered by Oskar Kellner; Lifa, Recticolor,Orthocolor,Panchrom,Panortho,Omnicolor, Neutrocolor, Solcolor, Pittonar, Lifacolor, Lifa-Colorlux, Lifa-Luxcolor, Lifapan, Ala, Lifamatic, Lifacolor, Orthomatic, Solomatic, Solmatic, Optocolor and Lifaplast.

Manufacturer: Lifa
Type: Colorlux
Sensor: Selenium
Year: 19xx
Type of measurement:
Sensitivity: DIN / 1600 ASA
Aperture :
Exposure time :
EV: 1

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