F.A.B. (Frederik Berthus Archibald) Prinsen was a Dutch inventor, born 1885 in Den Helder and died 1983 in Den Haag) who registered a large number of patents concerning  light measurement and aperture control among other things. As a Dutch engineer he was very active in al kinds of territories of photography and cine. He had companies in the  Netherlands and also in Germany. 'Laboratorium Prinsen' is known for his light meters and camera's he invented.

Together with William Rienks, he was the co-owner of the film studio 'Electra' and worked on the method on 3D films with a special kind of spectacles. Together with Loet C. Barnstijn he developed the 'Loetafoon' a device coupling a record player with a film projector for adding sound to movies. Also a kind of roulette game is one of his inventions.
The National Archives of the Netherlands holds a very complete archive of his personal live and also of his bussiness in the periode of 1919 to 1976.

Prinsen manufactured several models of exposure and color meters. His first meter made in aprox. 1935 was a very different design compared to the other brands of meter. The needle (hand) pointing to a exposure value holds the aperture values. The Prinsen Directa and the Prinsen Simson are an oyster shaped meter and the same design was used for the Prinsen Kelvina used for color measurement.

In 1954 he owned a bussiness in Germany called 'Laboratorium Frederik Prinsen' located Kranenburg 22a Kleef. Here he worked in the special spectacles for 3D movies.

In 1964 Gossen filed a patent for a color measuring equipment invented by FAB Prinsen.  In 1965 Agfa filed a patent for an  automatic aperture system in camera's also invented by Prinsen.


Year: 19xx
Type of measurement:
Sensitivity: DIN / 1600 ASA
Aperture :
Exposure time :
EV: 1

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