R. B. Pullin & Co. was founded in 1932 and moved in 1935 to Phoenix Works in the Great West Road, Brensford Middlesex.   Pullin Optical Co. Ltd, manufacturers Importers & Distributors of Photographic equipment was a subsidiary of R.B. Pullin together with Measuring Instruments (Pullin) Ltd., the Pullin Group and later other companies.

- 1932 Company was founded
- 1937 The company went Public
- 1937 Scientific instruments manufacturers
- 1939 Aircraft Indistry suppliers

The Pullin Optical Co. Ltd., of Phoenix Works, Great West Road, Brentford, were involved in the immediate post-war period with the development and production of a number of photographic and related products, which were unusual and often innovative in design, and manufactured to high standards of engineering and finish. Besides the rangefinder, the company made a neat little selenium exposure meter, professional-standard slide projectors and lenses and an excellent 35 mm. emlarger.

In the 1950s, even a modest amateur camera cost the equivalent of the average weekly income; the perceived desirable feature of a coupled rangefinder was completely out of the reach of the majority. The 'second-best' option was to acquire a separate rangefinder, and a large number of different makes and designs was available.

A number of patents are registered in the UK, Canada and France mosrly concerning improvements on their products.

As far as known there has been made only one type of exposure meter buh Pullin. The designer was Wilhelm Jakob Baumgartner, a German from origin and working for Phoenix Works.A patent for the meter was requested April 20 1949 and finally the complete specification was published march 12 1952

  Manufacturer: Pullin Optical Co.
Sensor: Selenium
Year: 1950
Type of measurement: reflected
Sensitivity: 9 ~ 24 DIN
6 ~ 200 BS Index
Aperture : 1.4 ~ 45
Exposure time : 2 sec ~ 1/1000


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