VEB Gerätewerk Karl-Marx-Stadt (former: VEB Gerätewerk Chemnitz)

The company VEB Gerätewerk Chemnitz was renamed at May 10th 1953 VEB Gerätewerk Karl-Marx-Stadt because the name of the city of Chemnitz was renamed into Karl-Marx-Stadt. VEB stand for Volks Eigene Betrieb (German: people-owned enterprise) literally, 'National Corporation' ('N. C.'))
was the legal form of industrial enterprise in East Germany. They were publicly owned and were routinely combined with other organizational units called Kombinate. An honorary name was frequently added to the firm's actual name, for example, VEB Kombinat Chemische Werke "Walter Ulbricht" Leuna, which had to be "fought" for in the context of the socialist competition for plan fulfillment and overfulfillment. (RFT stands for Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik) RFT is a combination of several companies combined in one brand.

Manufacturer of equipment and installation for telecommunications and telex and measure and test equipment for electro and  electronics.



Logo VEB Gerätewerk Karl-Marx-Stadt

Logo VEB Gerätewerk Karl-Marx-Stadt

  Manufacturer: VEB RFT Gerätewerk Karl-Marx-Stadt
Type: Iris
Sensor: Selenium
Year: 19xx
Type of measurement:
Sensitivity: 9 bis 27° DIN / 3 bis 1600 ASA ASA
Aperture :
Exposure time :1/1000 ~ 60 sec.

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