Allied Impex Corporation was an American distributor. From 1956, it used the brand name Soligor for cameras and lenses imported from Japan. It imported the Miranda cameras and took control of the Miranda company at some time in the 1960s.

The company founded a German sub-company called A.I.C. Phototechnik GmbH in 1968, that became Soligor GmbH in 1993. This German company is the only one still active today (2009). It is known for its rich product range of camera accessories

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"Who is SOLIGOR?
Let us introduce ourselves: SOLIGOR GmbH Photo Optic Video Electronic was founded in Stuttgart early in 1968 under its former name A.I.C. Phototechnik GmbH. In 1993 the company changed its name to SOLIGOR GmbH Photo Optic Video Electronic. Our headquarters is situated in Germany from where we supply over 900 products to our 3,500 wholesale and retail partners in Germany and to our international partners in over 50 countries around the world. |

Object of the Enterpriseis the engineering, production, marketing and service for photographic, optical, film, video and electronic devices and their accessories. Since a couple of years SOLIGOR is a sales partner in Germany of  well known producers of thermo printers and professional printing systems e.g. Mitsubishi, HiTi , FotoToGo etc.

What is behind the name SoligorThe prefix SOLI originates from solid and solidarity whereas GOR is a typical suffix for optical products. SOLIGOR therefore stands for reliable, high quality optics . The brand SOLIGOR has expanded over the years to include photographic accessories, video and electronic products.

Advertisement for Soligor cameras and lenses (1956) by rebollo_fr.

Type: Selector CdS
Sensor: CdS
Year: 19xx
Type of measurement:
Sensitivity: DIN / 1600 ASA
Aperture :
Exposure time :

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