CdS exposure meter, made in Japan.

Manufacturer: T.S.C.
Type: CDS 7
Sensor: CdS
Year: 19xx
Type of measurement: reflected light and cine
Sensitivity: DIN / 1600 ASA
Aperture : f/ 1 ~ 22
Exposure time : 1/2000 ~ 30 sec.
EV: 0 ~ 19
There is nothing to find on the Internet about this meter. It's a bit funny constructed meter. The two push buttons on the left side of the meter function as power switch and one of them  marked with 'H' also moves a little brass plate with a very tiny hole in it in front of the CdS sensor. The housing for the foto cell is glued to the backside of the scale and the inner scale with exposure times on it, is mounted with some adhesive tape on the plastic dial. A disadvantage of this is that after years, the adhesive tape will lost it's power and will come off and , in my case, end op between the dial and the housing.  

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