Weka AG

Weka A.G. Wetzikon Switzerland,

In August 1940, Arthur Welter and August Karrer founded WEKA. Purpose of the business was manufacture and sale of lead fittings.
Within only two years it became necessary to move into larger production facilities.

In 1949 reorganized as WEKA  AG

In 1962 the original version of the WEKA Magnetic Level Indicator was patented. WEKA moved ahead in the area of measurement and control technology.

Source: http://www.weka-ag.ch

Weka is a manufacturer of several types of equipments. For a short time they also manufactured the exposure meters Swiss-lux and Fotomatic.

Manufacturer: Weka AG
Type: Swiss-Lux 2
Sensor: Selenium
Year: aprox. 1955
17 ~ 38 Sch
6 ~ 27  DIN
Aperture : f/ 1.5 ~ 32
Exposure time : 1/1000 ~ 60 sec
Cine: 8 ~ 32 fps
Manual: English

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