Multiblitz Minilite 200
Multiblitz Minilite 200

The Multiblitz Minilite is a compact minibloc flash unit. The power supply is 220V 50 Hz (not US) and has a output of 200 Ws and a halogen modeling light. The modeling light can be switch off, half power or full power. The flash output can be switched between full flash and half flash. The modeling halogen light is a 12V 50 W lamp. The power cord is connected to the unit.

The flash unit can be triggered by a sync cable, trough the test switch and also by the slave sensor. The slave sensor has a adjustable reflector so it can be set to pickup the light from an another firing flash unit. A red LED is signaling when the unit is fully charged and ready for use. The Minilite has a P. bayonet system and it fits all the P.  bayonet type accessories.
  Technical data:
Output power
Color temp.
charge time
Minilite 200
220V 150W
200 Ws
50 @ 21 din with Filnos
5600 K
2 ~ 3 sec.

Unit has been dropped and the flash tube was broken. Glas was broken and also the soldering joint came loose (left photo). Tube has been replaced and is working fine again.