Multiblitz Profilte compact 400
Multiblitz Profilite compact 400 flash unit with plug and play flash tube, hologen lamp, protective glass globe, power cable, sync cable and protective tubular cap.
  Technical data:
Nominal flash output
Guide number
Stepless control range, 4 F-stops
Recycling time
Flash duration t=0.5
Flash tube
Halogen lamp prop. to flash
Halogen lamp
Glass globe
Profilite compact 400 COMSTU-4

Coated, COMROW-4, uncoated COMROR-4

230V-200W COMJO
Repair of the Profilte compact 400.

Recently I bought a set of three defective flashes on an ebay-like site on the Internet. The guy who was offering the equipment was not completely honest about the condition. Because of the distance, I decided to have the stuff send to me. when I received the flashes I was a bit disappointed about the condition, the set was very heavy used, very dirty and damaged. He told me the set was laying on the attic for 2 years and not so very often used. Nice fairy tail !

I had some email contact with the seller but with no luck of taking the goods back, I decided to give it a good look. Taking the units apart, I saw the damage, very dirty exploded capacitors and other defects. After repair I was left with 3 defective capacitors and was able to reconstruct 2 good working flash units out of three and with some more work and parts I can repair the last one also but this will cost me about 200 extra. From one of the units you can see the pictures on top of this page.

If you ever plan to open up a flash unit, be VERY careful because of the high and deadly energy that is inside the unit because of charged capacitors even when the unit is switched off fore some time. If you have no knowledge about electric/electronics please hands off!!

my profession is (was, now retired) electronic engineer and have been working in a photo lab since 1970 and have been repairing all the equipment used in the lab. For this I have been trained at different factories by the equipment vendors in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Tip: If you don't have a service manual or whatever documentation, it is very handy to make notes if you take stuff apart. Now these days a digital camera is ideal for making snap shots of how things stick together. Here a little overview of snapshots taken by the repair of the Compact 400.